Lease VS Finance

Lease Vs Finance

Should you lease or finance? The decision to buy or lease a vehicle can be very difficult for customers. In order to make the best decision regarding leasing or buying, customers must consider what is best suitable for their everyday lifestyle. Here at Gray-Daniels Ford, we provide flexible, low payment lease rates for customer interested in leasing one of our top of the line vehicles. Moreover, we competitively price our vehicles to ensure customers that we are the dealership best equipped to assist them with their car buying needs.

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Lease vs buy

Benefits of Leasing

New Car Joy

The convenience of driving a new vehicle every 2-4 years provides a sense of safety, security and less hassle when it is time to trade the vehicle in.

Down Payment Flexibility

For customers who prefer not to put down a down payment, leasing may be their best option. Car leases could require $0 to thousands of dollars up front with the opportunity to negotiate. Who doesn't appreciate little to no money down?


Car leases are usually always covered by the manufacturer's warranty which means the repair costs are much lower in comparison to buying a car.

More Car, Less Money

Avoid large monthly payment. Leases are based on a percentage of the car's priced; whereas, a car loan when buying a car is based on the full price of the vehicle. The leasee only pays the difference between the price of the car and the expected worth at the end of the lease, the residual value. The option of only paying $13,500 rather the $30,000 for a vehicle sounds much more convenient.


Benefits of Financing

Pride of Ownership

Customers can rest easy knowing that they own their vehicle, have the ability to modify it at will, and keep it for years.


Customers can sell the vehicle whenever they choose to do so and have a car with equity to trade in. This provides more leverage when interested in purchasing or leasing a vehicle.

Freedom of Mileage

Customer have the freedom to drive their purchased vehicle as much or as less as they desire; whereas, customers who lease their vehicle could incur penalties when they exceed a specific mileage.

Long Term Cost Efficiency

When customers pay off their car loan then the vehicle is theirs to keep. Paying off a car is a goal that many customers strive to achieve and maintain. A paid off car note aids in the quest for financial freedom. This is especially a positive in the long run. The idea of no monthly payment for customers is quite intriguing.

When considering your decision, remember to factor your lifestyle, needs, and wants. Furthermore, our team of experienced and knowledgeable salesmen would love to assist you in this process.

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