2020 Ford Explorer’s NEW Flat-Proof, Self-Fixing Tires

The brand-new Ford Explorer will now include new Michelin® Selfseal tires lined with an environmentally friendly rubber sealant designed to fill most common tread punctures from nails and screws, dramatically slowing the rate at which air leaks.


The 2020 Ford Explorer’s tires will have the ability to patch their own holes. The tires allow one to keep to keep traveling after a puncture, in some cases, lasting for days without a repair. A different technology is used than run-flat tires, which are always complained about for its bumpy rides. Michelin calls the technology “Selfseal.”

Most drivers won’t even know that had a puncture until they notice a nail stuck in the tire or when the tire-pressure warning sign lights up days after the puncture due to gradual loss of air pressure, according to Michelin engineers. “Self-sealing tires are designed to handle the most common tire puncture — a small object penetrating the tire in the tread area,” said Woody Rogers, director of tire information for online retailer the Tire Rack.

How Do the Tires Work?

The self-sealing tires by Michelin is coasted with tacky goop in the inside of the tires that flows into punctures to seal them. “When the sealant works as designed, most drivers never know it’s working. There is no pressure loss, and odds are the driver doesn’t see the object in the tire or it’s fallen out,” Rogers said. Creating the rubbery sealant was tricky, Michelin engineers said. It must flow into punctures, but it can’t pool at the bottom of the tire when it’s parked. The material also must form an airtight seal, and flow at temperatures from scorching desert blacktop to a frigid winter night.

Dissimilar to run-flat tires, which have rigid sides that allow them to keep rolling after the air leakages, self-sealing tires can keep going for days after a nail or other foreign object punctures them. Michelin’s tires can hypothetically keep running for days, though they will eventually need to be repaired or replaced, depending on how badly the perforation damaged the tire.

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