The Ford Ranger Makes a Comeback for 2019!


Truck enthusiasts and Ford fans alike were in dismay when Ford pulled the plug on the Ranger in 2011. Since then we have only seen variations of the F-series, albeit efforts to close the gap the F-series was never going to be enough to fulfil the need for an American mid-sized pick-up truck. Since then, Ford has listened, and a fully redesigned Ford Ranger is slated for production as soon as October of 2018.

The Ford Ranger is one part of a large operation of having a new or fully redesigned fleet by 2020. The move comes after a change in the US market away from compact cars and towards mid-sized SUVs and pick-up trucks. In an effort to capture more market share, Ford positions its brand new Ford Ranger to do just that, all while avoiding any cross competition with its own F-series.

The new figures for the 2019 Ford Ranger remain competitive, with the Ranger being equipped exclusively with a 2.3L Ecoboost I4 and a 10-speed automatic. Figures from the 2.3L alter from the Mustang its sourced from, tuned for low end torque and performance that clocks the motor at 270hp and 310lb-ft tq. Ford sacrifices leading hp numbers for torque, as it produces the highest values in its class. The extra torque pays off, with a class leading tow rating of 7,500lbs and a payload capacity of 1,860lbs. Operating at a full two cylinders less than its competition, you can expect the Ford Ranger to be a leader in mpg as well, with plenty of help from the 10-speed transmission to maintain its fuel efficiency.

Ford has unveiled pricing to be in the $25,000 range, which is well in the range of affordability and puts the Ranger at a highly competitive spot in the midsize pickup segment, making the comeback of the Ranger an exciting one for fans and rivals alike.

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