What Can You Do This Memorial Day?

We are open this Memorial Day! So come see us!

The 30th Day of May is reserved for Memorial Day to honor those who have died serving us. The first Memorial Day took place in 1968. It was originally called Decoration Day.

Wondering how you can honor those who have served or are currently serving?

The American Flag

If you have not already put your American Flag out, and fly it at half-staff from sunrise to 12 pm, noon. After noon it can be flown at full-staff.

Write Your Gratitude

There are organizations that send letters and care packages. Write a letter of gratitude to a current solider or a care package filled with necessities and goodies.


Volunteer at a local veteran’s health care clinic. You can visit with patients or help them discharge.


Donate airplane miles to service members and their families. The Hero Miles Program gifts unused frequent flyer miles to families going to see ill or injured soldiers.

If you have an extra car you would like to get rid of Cars for U.S. Troops donates running and not running cars. Not only does this help Veterans, but it is also tax deductible.

Local Families

If you know a local military family in town offer to stop by and help around the house or make a dish for dinner.

Memorial Day Celebrations

Visit one of your local Veteran Cemeteries. If you do not know where one us visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Attend a Memorial Day Service

Take your family and friends to a Memorial Day Parade, Concert, or ceremony. It’s a great time to spend time with family and friends while also honoring those in our service.

At 3:00 pm eastern standard time there will be one minute of silence to reflect on our freedom and the sacrifices made for it.

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