Keep Your Car Healthy With Routine Maintenance

To keep your car running well, routine maintenance is essential. While checking your exhaust system might not be done on a regular basis, your mechanic can check your system if you report any problems. If your car is making loud noises or struggles to get up speed, it's time to bring your car to Gray-Daniels Ford for service.

Your exhaust system keeps the air flowing through your engine and out through your muffler. The toxins that your engine creates are filtered through the catalytic converter and then sent out through the exhaust pipes to the outside world.

If your catalytic converter isn't working properly, your car is going to produce toxic emissions that will fail your car in the event of an inspection. Call us today at our auto service department in Brandon, MS if your car has failed an inspection and the emissions are to blame. We will get you ready to pass the next inspection.

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