Reasons Your Check Engine Light is On

Has your check engine line appeared on your dashboard? That can be alarming and frustrating, and you might understandably be tempted to put off dealing with it. Don't. Most issues that cause a check engine light are minor, but they might not stay that way if you choose to ignore them.

Here are a few of the things that could be the source of your check engine light:

  • Your thermostat might not be functioning properly.
  • You could have faulty spark plugs.
  • Your catalytic converter might need replacement.
  • Your oxygen sensor might not be working.
  • Your gas cap could be loose.

If you're experiencing a check engine light, you should schedule a maintenance visit as soon as possible. Quickly handling a minor maintenance issues might be annoying, but it's a lot better than waiting and then having to pay for more expensive repairs when things get worse. Contact the service center at Gray-Daniels Ford in Brandon, MS. We can handle all of your maintenance needs.

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