Getting Better Prepared for that Holiday Road Trip

With the holidays just about here again, it is also the time you get prepared for your time on those busy roads. These tips from our staff at Gray-Daniels Ford should help you get to your destination incident free.

Be sure you bring a box of emergency essentials. Just in case you are stuck on the side of the road, it always helps to have flashlights, duct tape, a knife, snacks, water, toilet paper, and plenty of assorted tools.

Don't try to leave the day before the holiday and think you are going to get to your destination anytime soon. That is the busiest travel day of them all, so you would be better served if you packed the car the day prior and got in your vehicle after dinner and made a good time while all the other holiday travelers are resting a bit.

Be sure you visit our Brandon, MS showroom to have your vehicle completely inspected for this long road ahead!

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