The 2017 Ford Escape: A Grade "A" Car Seat Car

Car seat installation isn't rocket science. That said, even the most experienced parent can be tripped up if they're working with bad equipment. While that most often means the car seat, it can also mean the car itself. Many vehicles treat car seats like an afterthought, making installation harder than it has to be.

Those cars aren't the 2017 Ford Escape.

A five-seat SUV with a five-star safety rating, the 2017 Escape was also given a perfect score in car seat compatibility tests performed by Curious as to what impressed them so much? The Escape's efforts to deliver the best version of the basics.

Inside the Escape you'll find an interior that's big enough to comfortably house almost any car seat on the market. Even more importantly, the Escape's latches and tether anchors are intentionally positioned to be obvious and easily accessible. This is something many cars neglect, even though it can make the difference between a quick job and a headache.

The 2017 Escape, of course, has a lot to offer than just easy car seat installation. When you buy an Escape you're getting a great overall package that makes life easier all around. Come on down to Gray-Daniels Ford Lincoln and let us show it to you firsthand. And if you don't like the Escape? We have plenty of other new Ford cars in stock.

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